An Umbrella company is a straightforward and trouble-free solution used by independent contractors working on several short-term contracts for agencies or end clients. SJ Payment Services will hire you on an employment contract and take care of your Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax and National Insurance (NI) deductions, ensuring that you are in conformity with the law.

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We use HMRC approved systems to ensure total compliance in all payroll matters


We are around whenever you need us. Our support are there yo ensure you never have any questions unanswered


Our fees are some of the lowest in the industry allowing you to take home as much as you can


You will have access to your own portal to view, manage and download payslips


We have over 20 year's experience in the contracting industry 

We understand that being in control of your finances is of primary importance and we at SJ Payment Services ensure that  you get to take home as much as possible after all statutory deductions. 

We partner with some of the largest agencies in the UK and are well versed with best practices in the industry